"Synthesis and Foreign Policy Debates" Newsletter (Moldova, July, NR.5)

Sorina Ştefârţă (ed)

Foreign Policy Association together with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung offer you a newsletter on foreign policy and European integration issues of the Republic of Moldova. The newsletter is part of the “Foreign Policy Dialogue” joint Project.


1. Igor Munteanu, director of IDIS „Viitorul”: A strategic partnership is like a flower - it only lives if it is well cared of

2. Editorial by Victoria Bucătaru, executive director of APE: The way from the “success story” to the “risk area”

3. Corneliu Ciurea, university professor, political analyst: The notion of “Strategic Dialogue” is rather a diplomatic formula that doesn’t show the real temperature of our relationship with Washington

4. Expert Opinion: For the foreign relations to take a new shape, Chisinau needs a legitimate, representative and effective government