Towards de-facto annexation? Current developments in the “People’s Republics” of eastern Ukraine 2020/2021

Nikolaus von Twickel

After a project-related break, Program "Civic monitoring in eastern Ukraine" is pleased to be able to inform you again about current political, economic, and social events in the eastern Ukrainian "People's Republics". From next week on, the project will resume the bi-monthly newsletter on developments in "DNR" and "LNR”.


DRA e.V. in Berlin (Program: Civic monitoring in eastern Ukraine) presents you the latest annual report written by Nikolaus von Twickel on the non-government-controlled parts of eastern Ukraine analyzing the most important changes over the past year and the first three months of 2021.


This report was produced as part of the project: Dialogue for understanding and justice: Strengthening civil society's contribution to conflict resolution, democratic and regional development and the preparation of safe reintegration in eastern Ukraine.