European Union recognises Ukraine’s digital COVID-19 certificate facilitating travel




As of today, Ukraine’s international digital COVID-19 certificate is fully recognised by the European Union. The recognition of the certificate is based on the equivalence decision by the European Commission adopted on 19 August and operational as of 20 August. Ukraine is among the first non-EU countries (along with North Macedonia and Turkey) and the first European Neighbourhood country whose digital COVID-19 certificate is recognised by the EU. (Download the EC decision by the link above)


The EU supported the development of Ukraine’s international digital COVID-19 certificate via its EU4DigitalUA project. Holders of the certificate will be able to use it under the same conditions as holders of an EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate. The Ukrainian international COVID-19 certificate will be available in the government’s Diia application.


Initially, the digital certificate can be used by Ukrainians who have already completed the COVID-19 vaccination course in Ukraine. It will work like any other document available in Diia and can be verified via QR codes which do not require special equipment for checks. Later, the certificate will also be generated for those with a negative PCR test result or proof of a recent recovery from COVID-19. Ukraine has also agreed to accept the EU Digital COVID Certificate for travel from the EU. Ukraine’s participation in the EU Digital COVID Certificate will thus facilitate safe travel to and from the EU.


"Thanks to the EU, we were able to build an infrastructure for fast certification and introduce instant data exchange between other countries,” said Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation. “Many said that such a project could not be implemented in such a short time. But we were able to do it. Earlier, years were spent on development and negotiation, but this case has accelerated the development of such projects hundreds of times. We thank our partners for their political decision and recognition of our work. Such steps bring us closer to integration with Europe."


Supported by the EU4DigitalUA project and the Swiss-funded EGAP programme, teams from Ukraine’s Ministries of Digital Transformation, Health, Internal Affairs and Foreign Affairs, the State Tax Service and the National Health Service worked together on the development and technical implementation of digital COVID certificates.


Ambassador Matti Maasikas, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, said: “The mutual recognition of the digital COVID-19 certificates between the EU and Ukraine is an impressive demonstration of smooth and efficient teamwork between a number of Ukrainian Ministries, actively supported by the EU. I am especially pleased to announce the arrival of this useful tool on the eve of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence, as it brings Ukraine closer to the EU. We will remain fully engaged in supporting Ukraine’s further digital integration with the EU on the basis of our Association Agreement. We are happy to see the remarkable progress of digital transformation in Ukraine, which is one of the most successful reforms in this country. The European Union firmly stands by Ukraine, enhancing its capacities to cope with all kinds of threats, including the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

Source: EUD in Ukraine