Statement by the IMF Managing Director on Ukraine

Ms. Kristalina Georgieva, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), held a telephone conversation on December 7, 2019 with Volodymyr Zelenskyi, President of Ukraine.    Following…

Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova sign Joint Statement on the Future of Eastern Partnership

Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova, three Eastern Partnership countries, have signed a joint statement on the creation of a format of the EU plus the three countries for sectoral integration in transport, energy and other fields and…


100 days of Ukraine’s new government: many achievements but some disturbing signs

The new Ukrainian Parliament and the Government celebrate their first 100 days in power, after the summer early parliamentary elections brought overwhelming victory to the “Servants of People” party.  For…

Continuing tension in Georgia over contested electoral systems

Since June, the center of Georgian politics has moved to the streets and no way back is in sight yet.  Everything started on June 20th, when a Russian communist MP Sergei Gavrilov was seen in the chair of the…


The little story about big changes on the road to the dream

3DCFTAs Youth Essay Competition – Merit

Agreement of Ukraine and the EU: What it means for me - Ukrainian

3DCFTAs Youth Essay Competition – Merit


Implementation of Association Agreements in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine: a comparative overview

Joint Statement by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine on the Future of Eastern Partnership

Trilateral Gas Talks on Future Russian Gas Transit via Ukraine

Shadow Report: 5 years of implementation of Association Agreement Republic of Moldova and European Union (2014-2019)

Individual reports and info sheets on implementation of EU FTAs. Accompanying the document report from the EC to the EP, the Council, the EESC and the CoR on Implementation of FTAs in 2018.

EU-Armenia Relations in the Framework of Visa Facilitation and Liberalization