A trilogy of handbooks, the edited volumes on progress towards good governance in Eastern Europe, and the five unresolved conflicts of the post-Soviet space

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3DCFTAs team participated in the 4th Association Exchange Forum

On October 21-22, the members of the “3DCFTAs Project” took part in the 4th Association Exchange Forum in Kyiv that was organized by the International Renaissance Foundation and…

Webinar. COVID-19 in Eastern Europe: "Facing virulent third wave"

While much of the EU has more than met its target of 70% vaccination of adults, the current third wave of the pandemic has become increasingly virulent in Eastern Europe in recent weeks, both in terms of daily infections and death rates.   Thus,…


Electric cars in Ukraine: new market – new challenges

Electric transport is an essential component of the EU Green Deal. Ukrainian consumers also demonstrate more and more interest in electric cars. With fiscal incentives in place, electric car ownership in Ukraine has been growing fast…

Moldova’s gas troubles: between Russian gas dominance and EU financial support

After many years of stable supply of Russian gas to Moldova, the gas problem again turns into a bitter dispute between Moldova and the Russian state gas giant, Gazprom. The old gas contract expires in October, after being renewed for a month in September…


What should the Georgia-Moldova-Ukraine ‘Trio’ do, and how should the EU respond?

Post-COVID-19 crisis: the current and the future impact on Ukraine's economy?

The impact of COVID-19 on Ukraine's economy is twofold. On the one hand, it had clear short-term negative economic consequences, primarily in 2020. Real GDP declined due to a sharp drop in gross fixed capital formation as investment…


Opinion: In the South Caucasus, one year after a costly war, a glimmer of hope for peace

Implementation of Association Agreements in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine: a comparative overview 2021

Review of the achievement of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement objectives

Opinion: Georgia’s mediation moment

Revitalizing the EU-Moldova dialogue: between geopolitical enthusiasm, “historical moment” and local limitations

Armenian Foreign Policy Priorities After the 2021 Early Parliamentary Elections