A trilogy of handbooks, the edited volumes on progress towards good governance in Eastern Europe, and the five unresolved conflicts of the post-Soviet space

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2021 Association Implementation Report for Ukraine

Ahead of the EU-Ukraine Association Council planned to take place on 5 September, the European Union today published…

Webinar. The Fast-Changing Map of Europe – views from Eastern Europe

On 11 July, CEPS within the framework of the “3 DCFTAs” Project and in cooperation with the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum organizes the webinar "The…


Putin enters the Hitler category

Until now Hitler has been branded as the most extreme incarnation of evil, to the point that he has remained in the history books only, and not heard of in comparisons with any other living personality. That now changes with Putin.

Putin’s evil war

Putin’s comprehensive invasion of Ukraine across its north, east and south borders and inland rocket attacks started early in the morning of Thursday 24 February 2022.   His speech to justify the invasion invoked the objectives of demilitarization…


EaP Bulletin No 20: The fast-changing map of Europe – views from Eastern Europe

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already triggered categorical political decisions in the EU and its member states, with membership perspectives opened for the Trio and candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova, and the NATO applications…

Interpreting the Commission Opinions on the membership applications of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, and next steps for the European Council

The Commission’s three Opinions on the membership applications of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, if endorsed by the European Council as seems likely on 23-24 June, will mark a geopolitical turning point for Europe, bringing the three…


EU sanctions and Russia's energy weapon - solidarity versus fragmentation

2021 Association Implementation Report for Ukraine

Opinion: Realism should be the basis for the Armenia-Turkey normalisation process

Moldova and the candidacy for the EU: between the loss of legitimacy and the need for a national dialogue

Ukraine’s National Recovery Plan

The War in Ukraine and the Future of the World Order