A trilogy of handbooks, the edited volumes on progress towards good governance in Eastern Europe, and the five unresolved conflicts of the post-Soviet space

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Poisoning of Alexei Navalny: Remarks by the HRVP Josep Borrell

Check against delivery! Opening remarks Let us have a look at the situation – as you have requested - in Russia, particularly at the poisoning of the opposition leader, Mr Alexei Navalny, which has shocked…

Andrei Yahorau detained in Belarus

One of our colleagues, the Minsk-based expert and the member of the Steering Committee of the EaP CSF Andrei Yahorau, has been abducted by unidentified people and remain…


The EU’s possible response to a post-Lukashenko Belarus

Everybody can see now that Lukashenko’s regime in Belarus is fatally wounded. His irresponsible non-management of the Covid-19, the spontaneous irruption onto the scene of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya as a Joan of Arc symbol of the desire…

The Advent of Biopolitics: Repercussion for the EU, Russia, and Eastern Partnership Countries

The COVID-19 had significantly changed the structure of world politics by shifting its core from issues of geopolitics to what in the academic literature for quite some time has been known as global biopolitics. As a concept,…


Georgia’s Competitiveness in the Apparel Export to the EU under the DCFTA

EaP COVID-19 Bulletin No 10: A lot happened in August 2020

August is meant to be a sleepy month when little happens, especially in Europe. This was not true this year, as the Covid-19 raged on, worldwide and in each world region except for…


Ukraine’s regional “soft power”. Changes during the presidency of Volodymyr Zelenskyy

The „darlings” of the EU conditionality mechanism - Georgia, Moldova or Ukraine?

5-year Halfway of Association Agreement Implementation: Key Conclusions and Trends

EaP CSF COVID-19 Briefing Paper: lessening the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis

Developments in “DNR” and “LNR”: 19 June – 23 July 2020

European Council adopted conclusions on the recovery plan and multiannual financial framework for 2021-2027