Coronavirus: The European Union stands by its Eastern partners

As part of the global response to the coronavirus outbreak, the European Commission stands by Eastern partner countries and has reallocated €140 million for the most immediate needs in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova,…

#Prepare EaP4Health – Civil Society’s COVID-19 Response

EaP Civil Society Forum gathered necessary info in the interactive chart to better monitor the outbreak in the EaP region. Access the info charts on 


The COVID-19 test for Ukraine

The Ukrainian authorities started to react to COVID-19 pandemic relatively late due to the internal political crisis resulting in Prime Minister Honcharuk’s resignation on the…

On the Effects of the Pandemic – between European Solidarity and the Eastern Neighbourhood's Resilience

EU responses to coronavirus require effective engagement with Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia - by broadening political and sectoral communication, facilitating access to European…


Covid-19 Bulletin No 1

While the EU has become the epicentre of the global Covid-19 crisis, the three AA states – Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine – have so far remained remarkably lightly affected. This is in spite of the fact that all three countries have large…

Beyond Frozen Conflict: Scenarios for the Separatist Disputes of Eastern Europe

The five unresolved separatist conflicts of the post-Soviet space in Eastern Europe are the biggest risk to Europe’s stability and security. Four of these – Abkhazia, South Ossetia in Georgia, Transnistria in Moldova, and…


Scenarios for the Conflict Settlement in Donbas

Joint Communication: Eastern Partnership policy beyond 2020: Reinforcing Resilience – an Eastern Partnership that delivers for all

Monitoring Report Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Armenia on the Facilitation of the Issuance of Visas (5th monitoring)

Events in the “People’s Republics” of eastern Ukraine. Annual Report 2019

EU-Ukraine: making Association work

Joint press statement following the 6th Association Council meeting between the EU and Ukraine