EU issued 2019 Association implementation report on Ukraine

EU report: Implementation of reforms continues to bring EU and Ukraine closer together.  The new President, Parliament and Government of Ukraine have all stated their commitment to the continued implementation of the EU-Ukraine…

EU's statement on the appointment of judges to the Supreme Court of Georgia

Statement by the Spokesperson.The Georgian Parliament appointed yesterday 14 members of the Supreme Court, a key institution for the proper functioning of Georgia’s legal system. The selection procedure did not adhere to…


Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine advance an EU+3 proposition

On 5 December in the margins of an OSCE ministerial meeting in Bratislava, the three foreign ministers of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine handed to the new EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, an important Joint Statement. The…

100 days of Ukraine’s new government: many achievements but some disturbing signs

The new Ukrainian Parliament and the Government celebrate their first 100 days in power, after the summer early parliamentary elections brought overwhelming victory to the “Servants of People” party.  For…


Digital and Cyber Dimensions of the EU Association Agreements with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

This paper reviews the digital and cyber dimensions of the EU Association Agreements (AAs) with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. It sets out the commitments made by the three countries under the Agreements and highlights the missing areas of cooperation…

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Association Implementation Report on Ukraine 2019

Euronest PA resolution on Trio+ Strategy 2030 and EaP

Implementation of Association Agreements in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine: a comparative overview

Joint Statement by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine on the Future of Eastern Partnership

Trilateral Gas Talks on Future Russian Gas Transit via Ukraine

Shadow Report: 5 years of implementation of Association Agreement Republic of Moldova and European Union (2014-2019)