5-year Halfway of Association Agreement Implementation: Key Conclusions and Trends


According to the results of the Monitoring Report "Ukraine and Association Agreement. Monitoring of Implementation in 2014-2019", Ukraine implemented the Agreement to the extent of 41,6%. This indicator includes all the work done, such as draft laws that have not yet become laws. This figure includes 12,3% of tasks that have been implemented perfectly (all legislation that has been adopted and meets EU requirements), 10,4% with an advanced level of implementation (legislative work has been carried out, but not all necessary bylaws have been adopted), and 18,9% with an early level of implementation (regulatory acts are still being developed).

By analysing the subsectors of the Association Agreement through the lens of "perfect" indicators, we have identified 4 groups of sectors: leaders, average fulfilment rate, lagging behind, no progress. More information please find in the brief by clicking the download link.