EU-Republic of Moldova Deep and Comprehensive Free-Trade Area: Reading guide

European Commission

The European Union (EU) and the Republic of Moldova are about to forge a closer political and economic relationship by signing an Association Agreement (AA). This includes the goal of creating a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) between the EU and the Republic of Moldova. When the accord comes into force - expected to be in the near future - it will create a new framework for our political and economic relationship. The deal will also benefit Moldovan businesspeople and citizens directly. It will create new opportunities for trade and economic growth. It will help make governance and policymaking in the Republic of Moldova more open and inclusive, by aligning it with EU standards and practice. And it will help generate new jobs, lower prices and provide better standards of consumer protection. On the following pages, you'll find a summary of what’s been agreed in the DCFTA, the commercial opportunities it offers, and the reforms that will bring the Republic of Moldova closer to the EU.