Integration within Association: Dynamics of the EU-Ukraine Agreement Implementation

Dmytro Shulga

The policy paper offers an innovative perspective of looking at the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement as an opportunity to integrate Ukraine into the EU’s Internal Market.

It lists all the 14 sectors where such integration is foreseen by the AA provisions on the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, most often in exchange for the regulatory approximation by Ukraine to the EU’s acquis. Timeframes for Ukraine’s implementation of these ‘homework’ preconditions as well as the forms of EU decisions to allow for Ukraine’s integration into the Internal Market in each of the sectors according to the AA provisions are indicated.

An in-depth analysis is made of 6 sectors, focusing on the respective markets structure, potential economic benefits of integration, state of public policy and dynamics of the ‘homework’ implementation, causes for delays or successes, and recommendations on how to speed up implementation and integration in a given sector.

It concludes that in several sectors Ukraine has fulfilled its ‘homework’ and the EU should reward it as foreseen in the AA – with respective decisions for sectoral integration into the Internal Market.

Moreover, a set of short-term priorities is suggested for the EU and Ukraine for 2019-2020 in order to speed up implementation of the AA before the upcoming official comprehensive review of the achievement of the AA objectives.

This publication was prepared within the project "Civic Synergy", implemented by the International Renaissance Foundation with the financial support of the European Union, with involvement of experts of the Ukrainian side of the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform and other independent experts.

The sole responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the authors. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union and the International Renaissance Foundation.

The publication presents an analysis of the situation as of January 2019.