Integration within Association: Implementation Dynamics of the EU-Ukraine Agreement (3rd edition)

Civic Synergy Project

The publication offers an analysis of the implementation of the economic part of the Association Agreement (as of November 2019). The most important goal of this economic part is Ukraine`s integration into the common EU market. The Association Agreement lists 14 sectors where the EU can make a decision about Ukraine`s integration at almost the same level as the EU member states.

An in-depth analysis was made of 8 sectors: technical regulations (a market of industrial goods), custom procedures, a digital market, financial services, governmental procurement, energy sector (gas market), postal and courier services, the Common Aviation Area. In addition, the potential benefits of integration into the EU’s internal market, the dynamics and current state of Ukraine’s “homework”, as well as the reasons of delays, and the progress of every sector were analyzed.

At the same time the experts proposed recommendations to the EU and Ukraine on how to implement the Association Agreement. The authors also formed proposals of sectoral integration priorities, which are possible and necessary to be achieved by the end of 2020 when the “comprehensive review of the achievements” should be carried out on the basis of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.