"Synthesis and Foreign Policy Debates" Newsletter (Moldova, July, NR. 5)

Sorina Ştefârţă

Foreign Policy Association together with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung offer you a newsletter on foreign policy and European integration issues of the Republic of Moldova. The newsletter is part of the “Foreign Policy Dialogue” joint Project.

Topics of the edition:

  1. Igor Munteanu, director of IDIS "Viitorul": A strategic partnership is like a flower - it only lives if it is well cared of.
  2. Editorial by Victoria Bucătaru, executive director of APE: The way from the “success story” to the “risk area”.
  3. Corneliu Ciurea, university professor, political analyst: The notion of “Strategic Dialogue” is rather a diplomatic formula that doesn’t show the real temperature of our relationship with Washington.
  4. Expert Opinion: For the foreign relations to take a new shape, Chisinau needs a legitimate, representative and effective government.