The Migration Security Map of Ukraine 2016

CO “Europe without barriers”.

Research on statistics and the latest trends of Ukrainian migration to the EU in November 2016.

The research is based on the methodology that was used by the European Commission in 2014 and 2015 for the fifth and sixth reports on Ukraine’s progress in implementing the Action Plan on visa liberalisation and includes evaluation of regular and irregular migration from Ukraine to the EU, as well as evaluating the number of asylum seekers in the EU.

The study used official data, which was made available by the European Agencies “Frontex”, the State Migration Service of Ukraine, Eurostat data, etc. The research shows current trends in migration as for November 2016, and the expected impact on the visa-free regime on Ukraine migration flows to the EU.

In particular, the following indicators are analyzed:

  • Regular migration;
  • Visa applications;
  • Refusal of entry at the border;
  • Ukrainian detection of irregular migrants;
  • Number of asylum seekers;
  • Decisions on providing an asylum.