The Reforms Guide: a book for understanding seventeen key reforms taking place in Ukraine

Anna Kyslytska (Editor in chief), Nataliia Pedchenko, Andrii Kulakov (Editorial board)

Dear readers, you have the Reforms Guide in your hands, and it will help you to find your way around the tricky labyrinth of reforms that started with the Revolution of Dignity.

The Government undertook 62 reforms and stated this in The Strategy for Sustainable Development Ukraine 2020. After the survey, we chose 17 projects that society was most concerned about, and then analyzed the background, current situation and main ‘betrayals’ and ‘victories’ for each of them. The Reforms Guide will lead you through a little but very important part of the history of the Ukrainian nation. The history of the fight for freedom, national identity, economic and territorial integrity as well as human rights and freedoms. Read this Reforms Guide to know not only what the Government has to do for us, Ukrainians, but also to see what we can do for our country.

The Reforms Guide is also an informational and analytical site — where you can review all the materials about reforms online.

The project is provided by NGO Internews Ukraine as a result of the support of the Embassy of Finland in Ukraine.