Association Implementation Report on the Republic of Moldova 3/10/2017

European Commission, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

The reviewed European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) gives the EU and its neighbours a clear political framework for cooperation in the coming years with an overall objective of stabilisation. The Council conclusions of December 2015 reconfirmed the principles of the reviewed ENP: enhanced differentiation between partners; a greater focus on objectives agreed with partners; increased flexibility to improve the EU's capacity to respond to crisis situations; and greater ownership by Member States and partner countries. A new reporting system was also agreed, in order to develop a new style of assessment that focuses specifically on meeting the goals agreed with partners. In line with the EU’s new approach to the ENP, this report sets out the state of play of the implementation of the Association Agenda in the Republic of Moldova (hereinafter Moldova) since the parliamentary elections of November 2014, and ahead of the EU-Moldova Association Council on 31 March 2017.