Report on implementation of the Association Agenda and the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine 2015

The Association Agreement and Association Agenda (AA)2 between the European Union and Ukraine envisage monitoring and assessment of implementing these documents, which parties can conduct jointly or separately.

This report is the assessment prepared by the Ukrainian side, and provides an overview of the most important activities and results in implementing the Association Agenda and Association Agreement, which were planned and accomplished in 2015, as well as other significant development related to the European integration policy.

The purpose of the report is to inform citizens of Ukraine, representatives of nongovernmental organizations and the international community, including the EU institutions and its Member States, on Ukraine's progress in implementing the goals of political association and economic integration with the EU in order to facilitate broad public discussion and analysis of the government authorities’ actions.

The structure of the report follows the structure of the Association Agenda, and is supplemented by other relevant information, including the organization of the Association Agenda and Association Agreement implementation.

The report was prepared based on the analysis of information, submitted by nearly sixty government authorities engaged in implementation of the respective tasks, and taking into account discussion of the respective Report for January – October 2015 with the public, including representatives of the Ukrainian part of Civil society platform Ukraine – EU and the National Platform of Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership.

Furthermore, the report provides information on attracting international technical assistance projects to implement the tasks in the field of European integration and the Association Agreement, and gives examples of the successful use of such assistance in the Ukrainian reform process.

The report also summarizes the expert assessment by the Government Office for European Integration of the draft laws, which are under consideration of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, related to the priorities of the Association Agreement implementation, especially regarding the FTA and sectoral cooperation, in terms of their compliance with the Agreement and the EU law.

The report also outlines major further activities planned.