Ukraine Exporting to EU Encyclopaedia under the DCFTA

Mark Hellyer, Sergey Nerpii, Valeriy Piatnytskyi

1 January 2016 the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) between Ukraine and the EU has come in effect. The DCFTA creates conditions for better access for the Ukrainian exporters to the EU market, which is the world’s largest market with over 500 million consumers.

With this large opportunity comes a high level of business and consumer demands in terms of requirements for hygiene, quality and product safety, as well as competitive prices. In this regard, the Consulting company CTAEconomic&Export Analysts ltd in collaboration with Government office for European integration and the UkrainianChamber of Commerce and Industry prepared a compendium Encyclopedia of exporting to the EU under the DCFTA.

The compendium represents a 1400-page manual of rules, regulations and B2B opportunities for the main export items of Ukraine by sectors. This manual is intended to provide guidance to institutions advising enterprises wanting to export to the European Union market, explaining how the market works, what types of requirements are needed and how to find out what the specific requirements are and how to obtain approvals etc.

Source: Ukrainian Government.