Become a Trainee at the European Commission through the Blue Book Traineeship

Twice a year, the European Commission offers 1800 paid, 5-month administrative or translation traineeships. Starting on 1 March or 1 October, trainees…

Joint declaration – 8th Meeting of the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform

The EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform (CSP) is one of the bodies set up under the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine. The CSP enables civil society organisations from both…


Unintended consequences of the Russia-Ukraine gas deal: a collateral benefit for Moldova

The new gas deal between Ukraine and Russia (Euroactiv, 20 December 2019),…

The art of compromise: Ukraine and Russia agree on a gas transit deal


Focus Group No. 5 – Energy policy

In March 2019 we began what will be a series of monthly focus group meetings on key aspects of the Association Agreements and DCFTAs between the EU and Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Focus group sessions will be held in each of the…

The Nagorny Karabakh Conflict in its Fourth Decade

As it enters its fourth decade, the Nagorny Karabakh dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan remains the most dangerous conflict in the post-Soviet space. Since 2018 political tensions have eased and casualties have dropped on the Line of…


Joint declaration – 8th Meeting of the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform

Developments in “DNR” and “LNR”: 07 - 23 December 2019

Statement and Recommendations 10th EU-Ukraine PAC

Statement and Recommendations 7th EU-Moldova PAC

Ukraine & Association Agreement: new season (monitoring of the implementation of the Association Agreement for 9 months)

Association Implementation Report on Ukraine 2019