"3 DCFTAs" team at the 3rd Association Exchange Forum in Kyiv

On November 13-15, the representatives of the '3 DCFTAs' consortium - Michael Emerson (CEPS), Veronika Movchan (IER), Lali Gogoberidze…

EU Delegation to Georgia reacts to on-going events in Tbilisi

On 17 November, the EUD to Georgia said that it “recognises the deep disappointment of a wide segment of Georgian society at the failure of Parliament to pass the constitutional amendments required to move to fully proportional parliamentary elections…


Moldova’s return to a pro-Russian government

The political struggle over the rule of law reforms is returning Moldova back to the status quo of 10 years ago, one of an oscillating East-West model of political leadership. Last week’s effective vote of no-confidence against the reform-keen…

Bill #1008: A step towards the reform of the judiciary in Ukraine or another attempt at its capture?

On 16th of October, the Parliament adopted a long-anticipated draft law #1008 “On amendments to certain laws of Ukraine on judicial governance bodies”. To a large extent, the draft law was a reaction to…


Next moves for the EaP & AA Trio: Updating, Upgrading & Wider Europe

The presentation of Michael Emerson at the 3rd Association Exchange Forum (Kyiv, November 14, 2019).

The Transport Community Treaty between the EU and the Western Balkans: overview and relevance to the Eastern Neighbourhood


Shadow Report: 5 years of implementation of Association Agreement Republic of Moldova and European Union (2014-2019)

Individual reports and info sheets on implementation of EU FTAs. Accompanying the document report from the EC to the EP, the Council, the EESC and the CoR on Implementation of FTAs in 2018.

EU-Armenia Relations in the Framework of Visa Facilitation and Liberalization

Mapping Georgia’s Visa-Free Progress: The Quest for a Preventive Strategy

Report from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions on Implementation of Free Trade Agreements

Five Years of EU-Moldova Visa Free Travel