Open call - Europe, let Ukraine in!

While Ukrainians are still fighting very hard on the ground to defend  European democracy and freedom, our Heads of States and government will decide next week on whether or not to grant Ukraine with EU candidate status, thus concretely answering the aspirations of millions of Ukrainian citizens and their request for joining our common EU project.


A collective of academics in several Member States has initiated an open call to European Heads of States and governments on the need to recognize Ukraine as an EU candidate. You can find the open letter by the following link.

All members of civil society are welcome to join the call, they are aiming for a massive pan-european appeal! 


We would like to kindly invite you to sign it and to share it in your networks in your respective countries.


The objective is to publish this Open Letter in European media over the coming week-end or early next week in order to send a strong signal ahead of next week's European Council meeting.


If you wish to co-sign, please reply to : (also in cc) by Thursday 16th COB.


Thanks a lot for your support!