Set of papers dealing with the future of the EU and EaP

The summer break is a perfect time to leisurely reflect on fundamental and global things.

To keep your brain sharp, here we present the first set of papers dealing with the future of the EU and EaP.


In his first paper, Michael Emerson, the leader of our project, suggest two possible options to prevent a deterioration in the status quo functioning of the Association Agreements/DCFTAs with GeorgiaMoldova and Ukraine:


In his second paper, the expert looks at how European values are presented in the treaties, and how they need now to be complemented by missing or understated elements such as human and planetary #health.


In this respect, Volodymyr Yermolenko looks at how Ukraine can help rethink Europe’s core value – dignity.


Finally, Andrey Makarychev reflects on how the #pandemic shifted the core of world politics from issues of geopolitics to global biopolitics, and how it influenced agendas of the EURussia and EaP states.