European Union Competition Policy during and beyond the Corona Crisis: Key Takeaways for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia

Keti Zukakishvili

Op-ed No. 18/2020

The COVID-19 outbreak is a dire public health emergency. At the same time, the economic impact of the corona crisis cannot be overlooked. To temper the economic turmoil, the European Union (EU) has swiftly adapted its competition framework to the exceptional circumstances. Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia could learn from the EU experience. Beyond the pandemic, there are many open questions about the direction of this core EU policy. The author believes that an expansion of cooperation between the EU and the three associated states in this field is necessary to address the uncertainties and changes surrounding the future of competition policy.


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                    Exploring the intersection of COVID-19, economics, and competition policy in the EU is crucial. The EU's swift adaptation offers valuable insights. Interested to find out how Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia could benefit and contribute to this evolving landscape.
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