Dilemmas of Europeanisation: Political Choices and Economic Transformations in the Eastern Partnership Countires

Denis Cenusa, Guillaume Van der Loo, Veronika Movchan

Editors: Aldis Austers, Ilvija Bruge, Andris Spruds.

This book provides theoretical and practical insights of the Europeanisationn transformations taking place in the Eastern Partnership countries and discusses how the economic ties between the EU and the partners affect these transformations. This collection of articles is authored by a group of international scholars and offers a firsthand account into the experiences of the six Eastern Partners. The subjects include adaptability and challenges of the EU’s external governance in a tense geopolitical environment, effectiveness of the Association Agreements and newly proposed Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Areas, analysis of specific country situations and a comparison of the partners’ potential for consistent Europeanisation.

Articles by 3dcftas experts:

  • Guillaume Van der Loo, "The Association Agreements and DCFTAs: Appropriate Legal Instruments for Exporting the EU’s Values and Internal Market Acquis?".
  • Denis Cenusa, "Moldova: A Case of Derailed Europeanisation".
  • Veronika Movchan, "Ukraine: A Litmus Test for the New EU Eastern Engagement Policy".