Denis Cenusa

The Expert-Group

Affiliated Expert

Denis Cenusa is Associated Expert at Think Tank ‘Expert-Grup’. Since April 2018, he is Researcher at Institut für Politikwissenschaft and PhD candidate at Justus-Liebig-Universität, Germany. He is a weekly contributor at the “Info-Prim” Moldovan News Agency since 2015. Cenusa is author of more than 250 analytical and policy papers and published in CEPS, New Eastern Europe, CIDOB and other platforms. He also (co)edited and (co) authored 3 books, including "Struggle for Good Governance in Eastern Europe" (2018). His research interests include political economy, European integration, migration, energy security, governance and state resilience in Eastern Europe and Russia. For the past 14 years, he participated and implemented various projects with the civil society from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia and Belgium. He holds a MA diploma in European Interdisciplinary Studies from the College of Europe.